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  • Our Mission is to care for the lost, minister to the young, heal the broken, and nourish the healthy.

  • Our Vision is to be led by the Holy Spirit and guided by the whole text of Scripture, experiencing the presence of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, living for Him in all we do.

  • The Church has a mission to seek and help people find God's offer of love, freedom, and forgiveness through his Son, Jesus Christ.


Our Mission

We are here for you and we want to help you find joy and peace in:





Worship Small

Worshiping in a small church is about caring, encouraging, loving the community and those we serve. We engage. We listen. We act. We pray.  We serve.

Worshiping in a small church is about finding the Lord's presence in an intimate group of multigenerational believers who love Jesus.  A safe place to seek prayer, ask questions and hear answers.

Worshiping in a small church is about staying true to Scripture, following Jesus, learning how to love, and to live in peace and joy.

Worshiping in a small church is old and young together, parents and children as learners, teachers, and worshipers.

Preparing Jams

Can my children stay with me in worship?

  • We believe that it is good for families to worship together in the service.  The voices of infants and young children are beautiful. (Matthew 19:13)

Doesn't my teen need a special ministry to spiritually grow?

  • Perhaps, but we have come to believe that it is the parents that have the greatest influence on the faith of their children of any age. Allowing your teen to see your faith makes faith real. Also, in a small church, your children will have personal encouragement and prayer from the rest of the community. 

How open are you to working with other area Churches?

  • We are very open to working with other churches in the area, as we have worked with other churches previously.

What is a recent victory within the church?

  • Being accepted into the school that we have been praying over for 10+ years is the biggest victory that our church has seen in the recent years. 

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