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Seeing Angels

Scripture tells us that angels guard and protect us, yet many of us have never experienced a supernatural contact with angels. Well, maybe it’s time! How can we tell if we’ve encountered an angel? I suggest a few ways.

1.) Do you have a persistent memory of a stranger that was kind to you? We meet strangers all the time. Any time I go QT, some stranger opens the door for me. Consistently. Yet, I can not recall one face from the many that blessed me with that kindness. But I do recall encounters with strangers, only a few, but those memories stayed with me because there was something special about that encounter. I believe a couple of those encounters were with angels.

2.) Have you had a vision or dream of someone talking to you about your life or a decision you need to make? I only remember one dream in which men in brown suits appeared and told me I couldn’t get up right them and that I had to go back to sleep and not wake my husband – I fell asleep quickly. Had I not gone back to sleep, I believe my husband may have been involved in a severe, fatal crash that happened at the time he would have normally been in that intersection.

3.) Some people have prayed that they might see angels. During worship, they shared that they saw large beings in the sanctuary praising the Lord. Others, again during worship, heard many more voices singing than were present in the church. Ask the Lord to open the eyes of your heart and mind to become more aware of the supernatural.

Jesus speaks to angels, about angels, and allowed them to comfort him. We don’t worship angels like some still do- one day we will rule over them- but we can remember our experiences with them to help us keep our eternal home in mind.

Christmas has turned into a materialistic season of decorating, parties, and gift-giving. Our minds can become so focused on getting it all done before December 25 that we forget that it is a deeply spiritual time of remembering the special event that caused so much joy in heaven angels burst into our world singing, “Glory to God in the Highest.” It was the unfolding of the salvation of humanity that angels longed to see since the creation of the world.

So, when we see the angel ornaments or hear the angel songs, let’s pause to join the praise of angels glorifying God, a praise that never ends, and remember our true home is with them.

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