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Should We Be Celebrating?

I’ve been engaged in fighting abortion since the early 80’s. I’ve been at as many March for Life events as possible. I’ve participated in sit-downs, peaceful protests (which were just that, peaceful), and I’ve preached about the evil of abortion as people protested me. One congregant told me that she was going to leave the church because I couldn’t be like the other pastors and just shut-up about it. Yep, I could not shut-up about it, so people left my church. So why am I not excited about the overturn of Roe vs Wade?

It seems like the prayer to overturn Roe was answered and for that I am very grateful, but there is something there that still disturbs me and steals my joy. I feel it was just a safe gesture for the conservative justices whom we supported because of their stance on abortion. Their constitutional jurist hands, now clean after living with such an atrocious law, have passed the dirty work to the state legislators, many of whom have become inured to the idea of killing babies. Because after a half of a century (and more than 60 million which have led to the death of the same number of people living in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho), most Americans feel ok with abortion per se.

Lastly, I believe that most conservative states will put into effect the 15 week ban as done in Arizona, Florida, and West Virginia, not a total ban or the 6 week ban since both of those are now considered an affront to Women’s Rights. Isn’t it curious that 95% of abortions[1] are in that 15 week window.

So really what has changed?


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