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Will We Protect the Vulnerable?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Senate Bill S.311 was defeated. I contacted my Arizona senators this week about the failure. That bill, if passed, would have required life-saving care for a child born-alive including being admitted to a hospital, and that anyone who intentionally kills or attempts to kill a born-alive child would be prosecuted for murder, except for the mother. It also provides for civil action against anyone who violates this law.

I thanked Senator McSally for her voting record and asked Senator Sinema why she voted against the bill. Sinema responded, "I voted against S. 311 because I believe a woman's personal health care decisions should only involve her family and her doctor. Women and their families should be able to make these difficult decisions free from government interference, including policies like S. 311 that would unduly burden women's access to legal medical services." If anything was limited and a burden, it was on those who desire to have the born-alive child killed and to do so without consequences.

Babies born alive in abortion clinics should receive essential care, whether in the case of those who are viable or for those with fatal abnormalities palliative care. But in many cases, these babies can't receive life-saving procedures because the medical staff either does not want their methods exposed or they don't have admitting privileges in hospitals close.

Women who have complications in these clinics are also vulnerable to corrupt practices and insufficient care. Today, the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in the case of June Medical Services LLC v. Russo, requiring medical staff at abortion clinics to have admitting privileges in hospitals within 30 miles of the clinic. Planned Parenthood and other groups are fighting this as unnecessary and an undue burden on those seeking abortions.


Abortion is hideous in itself, and to add to that atrocity these new ones is unthinkable. Yet, that is where we are. The question is where are we going?

I urge all of us to pray and stand up against these vapid arguments and dangerous practices that fail to honor and protect human life. All human life is precious especially the vulnerable, which are so clearly exemplified in a defenseless preborn, newborn, the disabled, and the elderly. If we allow these practices to stand, what kind of future are we looking at?

We cannot allow the killing of people because we don't want them, or they are inconvenient.

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