The Sleep of the Dead

October 16, 2018


Did you ever hear that phrase?  It’s the kind of sleep you fall into when you are so tired that you wake up in the same position you fell asleep.   One evening, after pouring himself out to the crowds at Capernaum that wanted to hear him teach and touch him in hope of being healed, Jesus asked his disciples to sail to other side of the Sea of Galilee.  So as Jesus laid on those cushions in the stern, he fell into a deep, deep sleep as the boat sailed that night on the lake.  The storm changed all that and Jesus after he was shaken awake began pouring himself out again- to his disciples and the demonic that he set sail to rescue.


Each Sunday, we hear that Jesus gave himself up and poured himself out during the consecration of the bread and wine.  Going to the cross was the culmination of a life that was being poured out for us for years. 


Sadly, how often do we grumble when we must put aside our schedule or leisure to help another?  We are called to pick up our cross daily.  The Lord will send us opportunities to test our willingness.  We thank him for those days that our life is uninterrupted as well as pray for grace and courage when we are called to help another.


Lord, we are no savior, but we are your hands, your feet, your arms to others.  Help us to recognize your voice as it calls us to be poured out for your glory and leads us to rest to enjoy your presence and grace.  Forgive us those times we failed to obey because of selfishness or ignorance.    Help us find a balance in ministry so that we can serve with joy and rest with peace.

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